MSC Leadership Qualities

What makes for great leadership in the 21st Century? The research on 35,000 leaders for The Mind of the LeaderTM is conclusive; Mindfulness, Selflessness and Compassion.

With these three qualities, you will develop a truly human leadership style that will deeply engage your people at their intrinsic level and unleash better performance. The good news is that these three qualities can be trained and enhanced.

All three qualities are closely linked. In fact, they are mutually enhancing. Mindfulness makes us more selfless, and selflessness makes us more compassionate. More compassion in turn, makes us more mindful and selfless.

MSC LeadershipTM is simple in theory, but it requires courage and hard work to develop. It also requires that we take an unflinching look at ourselves, at how we interact with our people, and at how our organizations operate.

It will radically transform your own performance, the performance of your people, and that of your organization. And along the way, you all benefit by becoming happier as you experience better human connections with a stronger sense of meaning and shared purpose.

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